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Inuyasha is a foul mouth, rude, insecure, insensitive, and very immature half demon.  Even with all those wonderful characteristics, he is still very loyal to his friends. Is in love with Kikyo, but knows Kagome loves him as well.


A cute little fox demon, Shippo is known for argueing with Inuyasha, then hiding behind Kagome for protection.


Sango is a demon exterminator with a strong will and great determination. Is often seen with her faithful fire cat demon companion, Kirara.

A nice, sweet, girl who always seem to be smiling. Kagome is also pretty brave and never abandon her friends or anybody else.Is the reincarnated form of Kikyo.


Miroku is a polite talking, corrupted, perverted monk. He lies, cheats, and steals. Plus he has a tendency to *feel* up all the pretty girls he sees, especially Sango. He's calm and cool in sticky situations and doesn't loose his temper