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Sesshaumaru is Inuyasha's elder, half brother. Because he is a full demon he hates Inuyasha as well as all humans. Travels with his demon servent Jaken and a human girl named Rin.


Naraku is a very smart, manipulative, and evil demon. Was once in love with Kikyo, but later killed her. Despises Inuyasha and wants the Sacred Jewel to become more powerful.

Kikyo was once the priestess charged with protecting the Shikon Jewel and Inuyashas' love intrest. After being killed by Naraku, she was resurected 50 years later. Bears a startling resemblence to Kagome.



Koga is the leader of the wolf demon tribe. Has Jewel Shards in both legs that give him great speed. Hates Inuyasha and is in love with Kagome.


Kagome, Koga, and Inuyasha's love triangle as told by Shippo.