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Adult Swim

Look here for show air times as well as basic info, clips, and games!

What Inuyasha Hero Are You?

Take this fun little quiz to see whom you are most like.

What Inuyasha Villan Are You?

Like the dark side? Then this quiz is for you!

Inuyasha e-Cards

Give everyone an Inu-riffic day with an e-card greeting.

Yay for banners! Here are a few links banners. Vist the sites for more info on your favorite dog demon (or his bro).




Like what you see and want to send a me an email, then here your chance. Send any suggestion or questions to me at

I'll respond to any inquiries as soon as possible.


Inuyasha Sound Clips

Listen to the shows characters in action. Also has a english full cast list.

Inuyasah: Four Souls of The Shikon-Video Clips

You can find all of the opening and closing videos here.