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Inuyasha Movie : Affections Touching Across Time

Sealed away hundreds of years ago by Inuyasha's father a powerful Chinese demon named Menomaru was trapped in a tree of life until it was struck by a fragment of the shattering Shikon jewel. Freed at last Menomaru sets out for revenge against Inuyasha and to reach his ultimate goal - devouring the soul of everything in the world!


Inuyasha Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

After the defeat of Naraku, the gang turns their efforts to their individual concerns and try to go back to normal lives. However, the disappearance of Naraku has caused the Celestial Maiden to reappear and make a deal with Kanna and Kagura to assemble the five artifacts she needs to establish her rule over the world!



Inuyasha Movie 3: The Sword of World Conquest

Aside from the two swords Tetsaiga and Tensaiga, Inuyasha's father had a third sword, Souunga. A tremendously powerful cursed sword, it was sealed in it's scabbard and passed down as a Higurashi Shire treasure for 500 years. The sword breaks free of it's scabbard in the modern day, but Inuyasha takes hold of it and is possessed. He takes it back through the well where he gets free, but the sword resurrects a long gone family enemy - Takemaru, the man who killed Inuyasha's mother (kind of) and father (kind of). Will Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru be able to work together and defeat the demon sword Souunga?


Inuyasha Movie 4: Fire On The Mystic Island

In the past there was once a magic island where demons and humans lived together in harmony. All that was destroyed when demons from the outside world invaded and destroyed the island. For some mysterious reason the island has reappeared and draws Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, and Kikyo to it