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"Don't be stupid. You're just a human. So back off, shut up, and butt out!"


Shippo: Kagome is scary when she gets angry
Inuyasha while cowering behind a rock...
Inuyasha: "I wasn't scared...go back home again. See if I care!!"


Inuyasha: "Someone's talking shit about me."
Kaede: "Inuyasha, it's no surprise if someone talks shit about you.
If you did something stupid like that..."
Inuyasha: "What? Hey old hag, you are calling me stupid, huh?"
Kaede: "You are the stupidest of the stupid.
To find the shikon shards, you got to have Kagome."
Kaede: "Although, I don't know what happened.
Why did you piss her off like that?"
Inuyasha: "Shut up! She just left like that."
Inuyasha: *imitates Kagome*
"I'm going home, stupid!"
*stops imitating*
like that."
Kaede: "Inuyasha..."
Inuyasha: "What?"
Kaede: "You didn't sound anything like her."

Miroku, Sango, and Shippo

Sango:"So they went to find medicine did they? Inuyasha and the others?"
Miroku:"Yes, they did, and I've stayed back here to protect and look after you, so no more talking and try and get some rest."
Sango stares at Miroku
Miroku:"Something wrong?"
Sango:"It might be safer outside."
Shippo:"And that's why Kagome sent me, so that I could protect you from being protected by him."



"Someone the exact opposite of Inuyasha.  That's the perfect guy for me."


Kagome: "I'm sure he's a reasonable person."
Miroku runs his hand over her butt
Kagome: "On second thought, KILL HIM!"


Here is a link to hear a clip with Kagome telling inuyasha to "osuwari", or sit, in Japanese.



"My dear Inuyasha... you simply didn't have the heart to kill your brother... you will REGRET THAT!"


Inuyasha: "IDIOT!"
Inuyasha: "NO, YOU ARE!"
Kouga: "NO, YOU ARE!"
Inuyasha: "IDIO~OT!"
Inuyasha: "I~DI~O~O~T!"