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A fateful encounter...

Long ago, in Japan's era of the "Warring States," a legendary doglike halfdemon called Inuyasha attempted to steal the Shikon Jewel, or the Jewel of Four Souls from a village. However he was stopped by the dying priestess Kikyo, who shot his with a magic arrow, putting him into a deep sleep.

Centuries later a girl called Kagome falls into an old well and is transported back in time to 50 years after Kikyo's death. There she awakens Inuyasha and is discovered to be the reincarnation of Kikyo. The Shikon Jewel is also found to be hidden in her body.

Later, due to a twist of fate the Jewel is shattered. Now Inuyasha and Kagome must travel to find the shards and prevent them from being posessed by demons.


What does Inuyasha mean anyway?

Inuyasha means "demon dog" in Japanese (inu "dog" + yasha "demon"). Simple, right? thers).

Awww, what a cute little dog demon. ^_^